The ‘English-Speaking Children’s Parents’ and Guardians’ Association of Catalonia’is something of a mouthful, as group monikers go. It’s certainly not likely to slip easily off the tongue of anyone who learned English inside the Catalan public education system: despite English being a compulsory subject for all students, the general standard of school leavers is lamentably low. It is frequently cited as a major disadvantage for Catalonia in today’s perilously-competitive international economy and a threat to its stated goal of becoming one of Europe’s leading R&D hubs for Biotech, ICT and other industries.

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The BBC recently ran a feature, viewable in its website here, which asked if Barcelona was being spoiled by visitors.

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Christian Rouxosteopath and musician, has lived in Barcelona for ten years and says he  “intends to stay here forever”. Despite his professional success and love for the city, it hasn’t all been plain sailing since he arrived.

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