British in Barcelona

British in Barcelona
Monday, 13 February 2012
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Welcome to the British neighbourhood within BcnIn. Please join to form deeper connections within the community with those who come from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, and may share similar experiences and/or cultures. It is an open forum to offer all tips, awareness, ideas and connections. The more you give the more we gain. Thanks and happy days in Bcn...
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Hi Barbara, I'm part of the parents' group Steve mentioned in his post. From what parents have told me and from what seen on school visits, I'd say the Kensington, the American School, and Benjamin Franklin have the highest proportions of non-Catalan, non-Spanish speakers in their students bodies. Many of the other international/British schools--St Peter's, St Paul's, British School of Barcelona--are home to surprisingly few children who speak English at home. It's simple economics. The city is home to 11,000-15,000 English speakers, but few can afford the tuition these schools charge.
Last replied by John Stone on Saturday, 02 June 2012
After the "What do you do?" the conversation is more fluent, and we just can listen and ask short questions about what he's explaining. That will make him talk and feel comfort with us! Another easy question is "it's your first time here?
Last replied by rosa bassols on Thursday, 01 March 2012
Internship and the city itself, have been here only for 2 weeks but I already don't feel like leaving this place !
Last replied by Barbara Sobolak on Wednesday, 15 February 2012
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