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  • Interview: Meet Esther Jones, Founder of Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine +

    interview courtesy of Swapsee

    This week we interview Esther Jones, founder of Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine. Metropolitan is the go-to source for information on Barcelona's cultural scene in English and in its nearly 20 years of history it has become a household name in the city.

    Hi Esther, tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do and how do

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  • Interview: Meet Silvia Calvet, User Experience Expert +

    Interview courtesy of Swapsee .

    What lies behind the words User Experience? The term is fairly self explanatory but 'the next big thing in design' as it's been called in numerous articles, blogs and publications has more to it than what's apparent. To find out a bit more and to shine a spotlight on an interesting member of our community this

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  • Interview: Meet Alberto, founder of The Box Populi and guest speaker at our breakfast! +

    Interview courtesy of Swapsee

    We're interviewing Alberto Cañas, founder of
    The Box Populi , the first active listening marketing agency. Alberto will be one of our guest speakers at this week's BcnIn & Swapsee Breakfast Networking Mixer, where he will talk about active listening techniques and how businesses can benefit from them. Find out more below and if you're interested join

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  • Interview: Meet Julian and Andreu, founders of a literary crowdfunding platform +

    Interview powered by Swapsee

    Julian Bueno and Andreu Beneit are editors at Llibres a Mida and founders of the literary crowdfunding platform . Andreu and Julian tell us about their project and we also discuss crowdfunding in general and where it's headed in the future.
    Why Crowdfunding for books?
    Crowdfunding for publishing allows people to decide what gets
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  • Interview: Meet Edgar Gonzalez, founder of 3D Film&Music Fest Barcelona +

    Interview powered by Swapsee

    Edgar Gonzalez
     is the founder and director of the  3DFilm & Music Fest Barcelona , whose second edition took place last Thursday. He is also the owner of a company called Viva3DFilms. Edgar uses Swapsee regularly to find freelancers and collaborators for his projects. 

    Can you tell us a little about yourself, what do you do?


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